How to become a webcam model on LiveJasmin: Registration, personal account and ways to earn

LiveJasmin stands out as a favored streaming site among English-speaking performers, setting stringent standards for both model appearance and broadcast quality. Key criteria include an aesthetically pleasing setting, high-definition video, and clear audio, typically achieved with an external microphone. While most content creators stream via webcam, mobile streaming often falls under the Amateur classification, highlighting the platform’s commitment to high-caliber presentations.

Become a webcam model on LiveJasmin

The official site at: To register as a model on LiveJasmin, you need to go to the separate model site:

Why models choose LiveJasmin?

First, girls are attracted by traffic opportunities. The system generates about 200 million users per month: top models get a huge number of views and high conversion to tips, respectively.

  • Foundation Year: 2001, Netherlands.
  • Owner: Docler Holding, founded by Gattyan Gyuri.
  • Contests: $250,000 total prize pool, with weekly $10,000 drawings for top performers.
  • Withdrawal Terms: Bi-weekly, minimum $100 via Webmoney, Paxum, ePayService.
  • Model Categories: Women, men, couples, trans.
  • Commission Rate: Varies from 30% to 80%, depending on model success.
  • Country Filtering: Option to exclude specific countries or continents.
  • Transparency: Publicly shares top webcam model earnings, up to 3 million dollars as of March 2024.
  • Audience: Over 200 million monthly visitors, mainly English-speaking.
  • Additional Revenue: Through content sales, fan clubs, contests, referral program.
  • Interface: Available in 30 languages, including Russian, with mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Average Earnings: $2,000 to $4,000 per month, influenced by broadcast quality and category.
  • Promotional Period: Includes 12 hours of airtime and visibility in the “New” section.

LiveJasmin’s excellence in the adult entertainment industry is recognized through numerous accolades from prestigious rating organizations:

  • AVN Awards: Crowned Best Chat Site in 2013.
  • Venus Awards: Received Best Live Cam Site (International) in 2013.
  • XBIZ Awards: Achieved multiple victories from 2010 to 2018, including Live Video Chat of the Year, Mobile Site of the Year, Live Cam Site of the Year, Adult Site of the Year – Live Cam (Europe), and Cam Site of the Year – Europe.
  • AW Awards: From 2015 to 2019, LiveJasmin own Live Cam Site of the Year, Best Broadcaster Software, Premium Cam Site of the Year, Best Online Support, and an Exec Award.
  • YNOT Awards: Awarded Best Live Cam Site in 2013 and Best Cam Platform (Europe) in 2017.
  • Bucharest Summit: Dominated from 2017 to 2021 in categories such as Best Live Cam Site of the Year, Best Affiliate Program, Best Training Program, Most Innovative Cam Site, and Best Premium Live Cam Site.

Web model registration on LiveJasmin

Log in and register models on LiveJasmin at the link:

Warning: LiveJasmine strictly enforces an adults-only policy for models. Individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from registering, as this could result in legal consequences for both the platform and any associated studios. Document forgery is strongly discouraged; fraudulent activities can lead to a permanent ban, making future account creation impossible. It’s advised to wait until reaching the legal age before setting up profiles on webcam sites.

Complete the fields in the feedback form

Input your email and password, then agree to the terms of service and privacy policy by ticking the appropriate box. Proceed by clicking the “Create an account” button.

You will receive a confirmation email; the registration process can only be completed by clicking on the link provided in this email.

Sign up for free on LiveJasmin

Select account type

In total, there are single and multiple (couple or studio) profile types. Opt for the individual model option for solo broadcasting, or the collective option for duo presentations. Press the “Next” button to proceed.

Webcam studio models typically do not set up their accounts independently; such tasks are handled by the studio’s authorized managers. Should you aim to collaborate with a studio, sign up in our portal. A dedicated manager will be appointed to you, tasked with choosing suitable streaming platforms and configuring your accounts accordingly.

Select account type on LiveJasmin

Define the streaming category

The service uses 5 categories of broadcasts – Celebrity, Hot Flirt, Nude, Amateur, Free Show. In most categories’ nudity in free chat is forbidden.

  • Celebrity – section for girls with communication without erotica.
  • Hot Flirt – section for girls with nudity in private.
  • Nude – section for everyone, with erotic shows on demand in private.
  • Amateur – section for girls with low technical requirements (you can stream from your phone).
  • Free Show – A section for everyone with erotic shows in free chat on company branded chat sites, not on LiveJasmin.

Think of and type a display name for streaming in the box below. Click the “Next” button.

Choose a category web model on LiveJasmin

Fill out personal information

First name, last name, date of birth, gender, country, citizenship and nationality. Click on the “Next” button.

Fill out personal information

Incorporate details regarding your height, hair color and length, body type, interests, age, eye color, and measurements for both buttocks and chest. Proceed by selecting the “Next” button.

Web model LiveJasmin info

Upload documents for age verification

Select the type of document, enter its ID number and expiration date. Click on the “Next” button.

Upload documents for age verification on LiveJasmin

Upload three photographs: one of the document’s front, another of the back, and a picture of yourself with the document in the background. Agree to the privacy policy by ticking the appropriate box, then click “Finish”. The verification process may take up to 24 hours, with an approval notification sent to your email. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to complete your work profile.

Upload web model documents on LiveJasmin

In LiveJasmin personal account, there are many ways to earn money besides broadcasting. Among the classic ones are fan clubs, content sales, Cam2Cam, paid stories and a referral program.

  • Fan Clubs: Specialized groups for fans of a specific model, where models post content and earn from subscription fees.
  • Selling Content: Models can sell access to exclusive galleries or send photos and videos directly in chat, requiring viewers to pay to view.
  • Cam2Cam Feature: Allows models to see the viewer’s webcam during private chats, with rates up to $3 per minute.
  • Truth or Dare: An automated system generates questions and actions, removing the need for models to create content on the spot.
  • Paid Stories: Models can publish stories in the “MyStory” section for additional income.
  • Referral Program: Offers a personalized link to recruit new viewers or models, with earnings based on a fixed amount or a percentage of the referrals’ expenditures. Models can earn 20% from their recruited viewers’ spending.

Rates for private chats start at $0.98 per minute during the promotional period and $2.49 when it ends.

Web model home page on LiveJasmin

Content personalization

Every website online gathers information on its visitors. For instance, LiveJasmin accumulates, manages, and retains data like cookies, detailing session statistics, user identification, and customized preferences.

LiveJasmin needs this information to personalize. It means the platform displays model rankings uniquely tailored to each viewer’s preferences, leveraging a personalized approach similar to what search engines use to customize search results, adapting this strategy to enhance user experience.


Viewers can add models to their favorites during the broadcast. This is a handy tool for tracking the activity of your favorite streamers.


The platform is well-known for its rigorous broadcast standards, yet it offers an “Amateur” category with more lenient requirements. This category is a popular starting point for newcomers, allowing streaming of any quality, even from a mobile device.

It’s important to note that the Amateur category is not recommended for long-term engagement due to lower traffic and earnings. Instead, it serves as an excellent training ground for familiarizing oneself with live audience interaction. Engaging in this category temporarily, such as for a few weeks to a month, can provide valuable insights into audience engagement and gauge your affinity for webcam work.

Sex toys

LiveJasmin synchronizes with Lovense. We recommend purchasing from official websites to avoid fakes:

The point of sex toys is the connection of vibrations and incoming tips. Viewers are excited about the possibility to control the state of the model and are willing to pay more money for it.

Sex Toys

Lovense Lush 3
Lovense Lush 3

$119.00 / $229.00
Buy Now
1. Powerful G-spot Stimulation: Experience robust vibrations directly targeting the G-spot, ensuring full vaginal sensation.
2. Whisper-Quiet Operation: With a minimal noise level of 43 dB, enjoy discreet pleasure anytime, anywhere.
3. Infinite Vibration Varieties: Unlock a vast range of vibration modes and patterns using the Lovense Remote app.
4. Broad Device Support: Compatible with iOS (version 11+), Android (5.0+), Mac (Bluetooth 4.0), and Windows (USB Bluetooth Adapter required).
5. Versatile Control Options: Features include proximity control, remote access, a spectrum of vibration patterns, rhythms synced to music, sound-triggered vibrations, and customizable intensity levels.

Lovense Domi 2
Lovense Domi 2

$99.00 / $199.00
Buy Now
1. Product Dimensions: Specifies the length and width.
2. Product Weight: Measures in grams or ounces.
3. Battery Specifications: Identifies the battery type, such as Li-ion.
4. Operational Life: Battery duration on a full charge.
5. Recharge Duration: Full recharge time.
6. Build Material: Describes construction materials, like body-safe silicone.
7. Wireless Connectivity: Details on Bluetooth specifications and connection distance.
8. Resistance to Water: Water resistance rating, for instance, IPX6.
9. Vibration Options: Total vibration settings available.
10. Software Compatibility: Compatibility with various operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.
11. Sound Emission: Operational sound level in decibels.
12. Control Varieties: Available control methods, including manual and app-enabled.

Lovense Sex Machine
Lovense Sex Machine

$699.00 / $1399.00
Buy Now
1. High-Efficiency Motor: Capable of achieving up to 300 thrusts per minute, featuring adjustable speed for tailored intensity.
2. Flexibility in Use: Provides various positioning adjustments to enhance user satisfaction and comfort.
3. Silent Yet Robust: Engineered for noiseless performance, straightforward setup, and firm stability.
4. Advanced App Features: Supports proximity and remote access, along with the ability to sync to music and respond to sound, all through the Lovense Remote application.
5. Safe Material Composition: Made from substances deemed safe for contact with human skin.
6. Guaranteed Reliability: Included is a comprehensive one-year warranty, ensuring customer confidence and product reliability.
7. Broad Device Support: Fully compatible across a range of operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, tailored to meet specific platform requirements.

Lovense Hush 2
Lovense Hush 2

$78.00 / $179.00
Buy Now
1. Dimension Options: Offers a range of sizes and measurements, including diameter and length, for tailored fit.
2. Product Mass: Details the weight of the item in either grams or ounces.
3. Construction Material: Highlights the use of body-friendly silicone or similar materials in its manufacture.
4. Power Source: Specifies if the item is powered by rechargeable batteries and their type.
5. Operational Duration: The length of time the product functions on a single charge.
6. Recharge Period: The timeframe required for a complete recharge.
7. Wireless Features: Information on Bluetooth capabilities and compatibility with various apps.
8. Resistance to Water: Describes the waterproof rating and durability against water ingress.
9. Management Methods: Various ways the item can be manipulated, including app-based controls.
10. Vibration Options: The total count of distinct vibration modes available for selection.
11. Sound Output: The decibel level of the product when in use, indicating noise generation.

Lovense Ridge
Lovense Ridge

$108.00 / $239.00
Buy Now
1. Product Measurements: Outlines the product's specific length and diameter.
2. Product Mass: Details on the weight of the item.
3. Construction Composition: Identifies the safe materials, like body-safe silicone, used in the product's design.
4. Energy Source: Describes the rechargeability and type of battery utilized.
5. Usage Duration: How long the device remains operational with a full battery.
6. Refill Interval: Time needed to achieve a complete recharge.
7. Resistance Features: Specifies the product's ability to resist water ingress.
8. Wireless Connectivity: Provides details on Bluetooth connectivity and app integration for control.
9. Vibration Options: Enumerates the available vibration settings and patterns.
10. Motion Features: Lists available rotation patterns, where relevant.
11. Acoustic Output: Indicates the noise generated during operation, measured in decibels.

User masks

Mask – a graphic icon that is located next to the user’s nickname. The color of the icon depends on the viewer’s spending over the last month.

  • Bronze – 15 points.
  • Silver – 50 points.
  • Gold – 100 points.
  • Black – 1000 points.
  • Red – 5000 points.
  • White – 10000 points.
  • Gray – guests.

Streaming tips

Since all your work depends on the quality of your content, you need to improve it first. Think about how you can make the quality of the broadcast higher. We, in turn, have written a small list of recommendations for aspiring models.

Use additional features

Participate in photo shoots, shoot videos, post content in paid galleries. Experiment with erotic toys, start a fan club and participate in the referral program.

Develop personal brand

Register on social networks under a working name, make the account private and sell monthly subscriptions to it. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tencent QQ, Snapchat, Telegram are best suited for commercial purposes. You can try to make a name for yourself with TikTok or Twitch.

Sell content on specialty marketplaces

Subscription-based content services are gaining popularity on the Internet. The most popular services are OnlyFans and Patreon.

Invest in powerful hardware

Stay tuned for technical updates and broadcasts from other webcam models.

  • Streaming at 1920 x 1080 pixels? Try to achieve 4K.
  • Internet speed of 10 Mbps? Increase it to 20.
  • Computer can’t handle the broadcasts without slowing down? Buy a new one with more RAM.
  • Only use type-menu? Try streaming through OBS.
  • Lighting your frame with incandescent bulbs? Buy ring lamps with different colors, soft boxes and light boxes.


Reviews on LiveJasmin are mostly positive. Models like working there: the audience is pleasant and extensive, the interface is clear, and earnings are stable. Newcomers are pleased with the quick and simple registration process.

More often, difficulties arise with the knowledge of English and the ban on splitters. Splitters send the same stream to several sites at once. Of course, it is more profitable for models to use these programs to earn multiple times more – but LiveJasmin does not allow it for some reason of its own.

At the beginning of your career, we advise you to set minimum values for privates and other paid features – you’ll attract a larger audience. If you are afraid to work on webcam on your own, register in our personal cabinet. We will teach you, give you useful materials, select sites and set up accounts on them.

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