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BongaCams serves as a live-streaming site primarily for female and male performers, where most gain fame via adult content. With roughly 1500 women, 130 men, and 100 transgender individuals actively online, the platform ensures privacy by automatically hiding users’ locations, significantly reducing the risk of identity exposure.

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Become a web model on BongaCams

BongaCams Characteristics

BongaCams ranks as a top platform for webcam modeling, boasting multiple accolades including “Best Webcam Site,” “Webcam Site of the Year,” and “Best Internet Brand,” among others, underscoring its excellence in the industry.

  • Service Commission: 50%
  • Token Rate: $0.025 per token for models, $0.05 to $0.08 for viewers
  • Referral Program: Earn 5 to 25%; 5% from referred model earnings indefinitely, up to 25% from client purchases
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $50, weekly payouts or on request
  • Payment Methods: PayService, Paxum, Webmoney, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether USDT), and bank cards (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, “MIR”)
  • Top Model Earnings: Notable earnings include Anna_poppy ($25,000), Catch_Me ($36,000), Ellie_KIsa ($23,000)
  • Average Earnings: Between $2,500 and $4,500 per month
  • Contests: “Top of the Week” ($1,000 prize), “Top 50 of the Week” for couples (up to $400), “Top 10 of the Week” for men and transsexuals (up to $200)
  • Mobile App: BongaModels Mobile App available for iOS and Android
  • Private Chat Cost: Default is 60 tokens per minute, customizable by the model
  • Audience: Serves 34 countries

Models benefit from direct funding in dollars, eliminating the need to convert tokens, ensuring a streamlined earning process.

Webcam hosts’ visibility is enhanced by their CamScore ranking in the broadcast list, a dynamic measure of activity reflecting:

  • Site earnings
  • Chat room engagement duration
  • Registered model referrals and link-generated viewer traffic
  • Quality of internet connection

The CamScore updates bi-hourly, offering new models an initial boost to match the regional average CamScore, aiding in rapid audience growth. Starting CamScore for newcomers range between 500 to 700 points, varying by region, facilitating a quicker ascent in the broadcast rankings.

Registering and uploading documents

To register as a webcam model on BongaCams, follow the link:

Webcam platforms strictly enforce an adults-only policy. Registration is prohibited for individuals under 18. Age verification is conducted using a passport or driver’s license; document forgery may result in a ban.

1. Click on “Model Registration.”

BongaCams Model Registration

2. Fill in the feedback form.

Select the registration form for individual model or couple, fill in the fields: username, email, password. Confirm age and agreement with privacy policy, indicate how you found out about BongaCams at the end of the form. Click on the “Create Account” button.

3. Enter your contact information and upload proof of age.

Use a passport or driver’s license, three files will be needed:

  • Scan/photo of the document page with your face on it;
  • photo of your face;
  • photo of your face against the background of the document.
Contact Information on BongaCams

4. Come up with and record information about yourself in a working account.

In a personal account, all information is visible to viewers, so write with a focus on your target audience. Think about what they would like to know about you and in what way.
Do not provide any real data here, absolutely everything should be fictitious, for security purposes.

Profile Information on BongaCams

5. Provide payment details.

Select the minimum withdrawal amount, specify the type of e-wallet and its details. Attention! Payment information does not change, so the section is filled out once and for all.

Payment Information on BongaCams

6. Read the site rules.

Read everything you need to know for the job. Check the box agreeing with the information provided and click on the button “Confirm and log in to your account”. Then you need to confirm your email and go through the prompts from the system.

BongaCams Model Home Page

Broadcasts are launched simply: you must click on the appropriate button in your personal cabinet, then a window with settings will appear and only after it the model will finally go on air.

Settings of the following nature:

  • Selecting the right webcam and microphone;
  • adjusting the image resolution;
  • allow invitations to group and full private chats, video recording.

All information will only be available to moderators, don’t worry. It takes up to three days to verify the information. If after three days you still have not activated the ability to stream and no reply to your e-mail – contact technical support. Most likely, there is a problem with photos.

Useful functions for a web model

For a quick start on BongaCams, a web model needs to understand the basic functions of the site to make money:


There are several chat options in the interface of the BongaCams personal account:

  • Public chat – broadcasts can be seen by all users, and they pay at will. Payments from viewers are called donations or tips.
  • Private chat – there are two types of chat, regular and full. The first assumes the presence of “peepers” – hidden connected users, costs 60 tokens per minute. The second – full-fledged communication between the viewer and the model one-on-one, more expensive in cost – the default price of full private chat is 90 tokens.
  • Group chat – the model communicates with a group of viewers at once, the number of people to start a private chat is configured in the personal cabinet. Members send a request for group chat and, as soon as the required number is dialed, the broadcast automatically starts. By default, the cost is 30 tokens per minute.
  • Peeping – a feature that activates the ability to connect hidden users to the private chat. The main advantage is to show hidden users the quality of communication at a small cost to them. By default, the viewer pays about 15 tokens per minute for viewing other people’s privates.

The model has the right to change all prices in the settings of the personal account, but there are certain restrictions:

  • Private chat – from 30 to 250 tokens per minute.
  • Full private chat – from 30 to 300 tokens per minute.
  • Group chat – from 10 to 150 tokens per minute.
  • Peeks – from 5 to 80 tokens per minute.


BongaCams models can view multiple types of statistics:

  • Total – how much the model earned during the period.
  • Referral – earnings from each referral link.
  • Sponsored – viewers who spent the most money on the model.
  • Temporal – how many hours the model spent in the app.
  • Hourly – average earnings per hour.
General Stats


The DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, represents a U.S. copyright statute. BongaCams safeguards model streams through copyright enforcement, embedding a specific symbol within broadcasts.

This strategy effectively combats piracy by preventing unauthorized recording and distribution of streams. Content protected under copyright requires the owner’s consent for distribution, making it challenging to illegally share or maintain recorded streams.

DMCA Security


BongaCams recognizes the importance of taking breaks. Within the platform’s user interface, models have the option to designate up to 30 days per year as vacation time. During these periods, the CamScore feature is temporarily suspended, ensuring that a model’s score—and consequently their ranking—remains unaffected by any inactivity, safeguarding their position in the site’s overall standings.

Vacation for CamScore


Works 24/7, responds promptly. An additional plus – the company has in-house lawyers who deal with illegal recording of streams. If the recordings are posted on third-party resources for nothing or for the sake of blackmail, you can file a complaint with the company and they will resolve the issue.

Support contact: You can contact a lawyer in the service’s personal cabinet.

Lawyer help for Model on BongaCams

BongaCams has an unusual mechanism of paid content. If on other sites users simply buy access directly through the system, here the content is simply under a password. The viewer pays the model a tip for the amount she needs, and she drops him the password.


Working hour for model on BongaCams

The model marks future online events in a special section: viewers familiarize themselves with the plan and know exactly when to enter the venue. This is a very handy feature: it saves the chore of sending out messages about future online or offline events.


It is not difficult to become a BongaCams model, the main thing is to provide high-quality photos of documents and your face so that there are no difficulties with identification.

BongaCams web models earn an average of $2,500-$5,000 per month. The platform is primarily aimed at erotic content, so you can’t earn a lot on streaming without undressing. If you still have any questions about the work – write us, we will help you.

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