CamSoda Model Sign Up and Account Settings for Work in 2024

CamSoda is a webcam platform where models earn more money from freemium broadcasts than from private conversations with clients. The platform is similar to BongaCams: here girls are promoted only through erotic content, they can’t get to the top on normal communication.

Viewing free broadcasts for unauthorized users is limited: they see it in a small window, full screen can be made only for an additional fee – this way the site motivates people to register.

Although models do not pay anything to the platform personally, it still earns money on the airwaves. All webcam platforms introduce a non-obvious commission: for a viewer, 1 token can cost $0.025, and for a model – $0.05. Therefore, the model always gets less than what the viewer pays.

CamSoda also has tokens: 1 token is $0.05 for a model, the commission depends on earnings and ranges from 30 to 50%.

If you are not ready to earn on erotic content, do not consider this platform for work. It is better to register on LiveJasmin, Chaturbate or CamContacts. The latter site has categories where people specifically meet each other for friendship or serious relationships.

Why models choose CamSoda

Official website for CamSoda:

  • Large audience. According to SimilarWeb, the service gets about 29 million visitors a month. This is not surprising because the company buys advertising on pornographic sites, games, and social networks.
  • Unique features. CamSoda reimburses medical expenses for streamers who consistently bring in more than $3,600 per month. In addition, it was CamSoda that launched the first VR streams in the industry.
  • Stability. CamSoda went live in 2014.
  • Weekly withdrawals. The platform sends money on Thursdays to Paxum e-wallets. Other webcam platforms pay models every two weeks.
  • Promo period. This is 14 hours of streamings, during which newcomers get to the top of the broadcasts in the “New” section. Show yourself to the max to please more viewers.
  • Foreign audience. Solvent Europeans, Americans, Japanese, and Chinese come to the service. To normally communicate with viewers, you will need to speak English. For the first time, an online translator is suitable, but in time we recommend that you start practicing with a tutor.
  • Referral program. CamSoda pays extra for referring new viewers, models and webmasters who can advertise on their own sites.

How to sign up for CamSoda

We remind you that only an adult can become a webcam model. Absolutely all streaming platforms verify the age of streamers through documentation – passport, driver’s license or ID-card.

Fill in the feedback form

To register for CamSoda, go to and click on “Signup as a Model”. Fill in all information as in the passport, only in English.

Signup as a model on Camsoda

Enter a username, e-mail and a strong password. If the username is already taken, the program will suggest an alternative one.


  • Use English-language layout, capital and regular letters, and numbers in your password.
  • Register a new mailbox for webcam sites. The mail should be on an international domain: choose Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and so on. This is important because a confirmation email may simply not get to your Yandex mail.

Click on the “Register now” button, agree to the privacy policy and confirm that you are not a robot.

CamSoda model signup

Agree to the terms of service

The screen looks like a long text document. You need to scroll down to the end of the page, fill in the blank fields (first name, last name, gender, birthday, phone number). In the Digital Signature field, simply write your initials – the first letters of your first and last name together.

Check the confirmation box at the bottom and click “Continue”.

Independent performer agreement

Pay attention to the spelling of the “Digital Signature” field – it is not necessary to write the whole name and surname, only initials (first letters of the name and surname).

Confirm your age

Upload two photos:

  • The first field is your passport spread or ID card.
  • The second field – you on the background of the document.
Age verification documents on CamSoda

Specify details

There are two options to withdraw money from CamSoda webcam chat: by check or with Paxum e-wallet. We offer the second option. It is enough to issue a virtual card on the official website.

  1. Address – street, house, apartment according to passport. Fill in the first field, the second one is not necessary.
  2. City – city of residence.
  3. State – specify “Not in USA or Canada” because there are no states in Russia.
  4. Postal code – postal code. If you don’t know it, enter the address on the Russian Post website. The site will find the branch and the index by the address.
  5. Country – country of residence.
  6. Tax organization type – specify “Individual”.
  7. Pay to name – your first and last name to send money.
  8. Foreign tax id – TIN, you can write “None”.
  9. Do you have a United States Tax ID – check the circle with “No” because you are not related to taxes in America.
  10. Payment method – choose Paxum, checks are only valid in America.
  11. Pay to email – the email to which you registered your wallet.
  12. Minimum payment – minimum withdrawal amount, you can set any amount you want.

Click on the “Submit” button to submit the information.

CamSoda web model profile settings

This stage is over: the application has been sent to the moderators, you need to wait for their decision. Without confirmation, you will not be able to fill in the rest of the information in your modeling account and conduct streamings.

CamSoda application submitted!

Congratulations, you have completed your registration. CamSoda will check your data in 24 hours and send you a confirmation letter. Our application was checked in 15 minutes, so you may receive a response sooner.

Web model profile settings

Broadcasts are done in two ways:

  1. OBS is a well-known program among experienced webcam models and streamers. It allows you to apply effects to videos, make tip targets and keep statistics of donations.
  2. Web application is from the CamSoda interface. There are many different chatbots in the app, so you can stream safely through it.

You start a broadcast in the same way, go to a free general chat and motivate viewers to leave a tip. If one of the viewers calls for a private chat, the system sends a request. You agree and automatically switch to one-on-one chat.

There is nothing complicated, don’t be afraid. If you have any questions along the way, you can always write to tech support or ask your colleagues on thematic forums.

If you are afraid not only of the interface, but of starting working at all, you can register in our personal cabinet. Our manager will contact you, provide you with training, select suitable sites and help you earn your dream. Everything is easier than it seems.

Now we will tell you more about the types of chat on the site.

5 types of webcam chats on CamSoda

  1. Private chat – a model talks to a viewer and gets paid for each minute of conversation. By default, the system sets the price at $1.5 per minute.
  2. Private chat with recording – everything is the same as in the usual one, only after the broadcast the viewer receives a recording of the broadcast. The default price is $4.5 per minute.
  3. Spying – private chat with hidden connection of other users. The cost for connecting one member is $0.6 per minute.
  4. Shows – a format where models ask for a fee to enter or set tip targets.
  5. Cam2Cam – private with viewer’s camera enabled, charges higher.
Chat types on CamSoda

In the screenshot, the model in the private is highlighted with an arrow. The video has a “Spy on me” bar: this means that you can covertly join the private.

Amazon wishlist

Models can post links to Amazon wishlist on their personal profile.

Amazon wishlist

Content sales

CamSoda streamers sell access to SnapChat, correspond with users for a fee and post private galleries – photos, videos, privates. You can order a professional photo shoot, record some videos from it and make money on everything.

Content sales

A lifetime subscription to SnapChat model Anna Sofia costs 249 tokens.

Content sales

Online store

A unique feature of CamSoda is an online store right on the site. The webcam platform develops its own merchandise and successfully sells it to models and viewers.

CamSoda online store


There are many different chatbots on CamSoda that help to make communication between model and viewer more interesting and engaging. The simplest type of chatbots is tip targets.

Web model chatbots on CamSoda

In the screenshot of the broadcast, we have highlighted different types of bots with arrows: a menu type – a list of actions with rates on a pink background and several interactive games – virtual dice, wheel of fortune and sending vibrations to an erotic toy.

Camsoda rules

On most webcam platforms, the rules are roughly similar. We will not describe everything, we will only tell you about the main ones – those that are not obvious to beginners.

  1. Do not exchange contact with viewers. You don’t know the person and what’s in his or her head: this can end up with leaking information to your relatives or surveillance at your home.
  2. Watch the quality of the broadcast. The picture resolution should be at least 1920 by 1080 pixels, internet speed – from 15 Mbit per second. If you have a blurred image or the frame is darkened, it’s bad: CamSoda analyzes content and negative reactions of users and lowers such broadcasts.
  3. Be in the frame only when you are alone. According to the rules, only the model should be in the frame during the broadcast: no other people or even animals. If you want to stream in pairs, you need to register a person as a model and only then start general broadcasts.
  4. Do not use human excretions in the show. Basically, don’t do something that might shock people. Such things are ambiguous and can lead to account banning.
  5. Upload real documents. If CamSoda finds out that your documents are not real, it will block your account for life.
  6. Be aware of your time zone when streaming. If you are in Russia, you live on Russian time. CamSoda target audience is Europeans. Adjust your work schedule to their time zone and analyze what hours more people come to the broadcasts.


In summary, CamSoda offers a seamless registration process and a robust platform for models seeking flexibility and various ways to earn. With features like diverse webcam chat options, Amazon wishlists, content sales, online stores, and chatbots, CamSoda stands out as a preferred choice. The platform not only prioritizes the user experience but also ensures models have all the tools they need for success. Adhering to CamSoda’s rules ensures a safe and productive environment for all. Joining CamSoda opens up endless opportunities for models worldwide.

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