Stripchat web model registration and profile settings

Stripchat, an adult streaming platform, hosts content from women, men, couples, and transgender individuals. Transactions within the site utilize tokens, valued at $0.05 each for models.

Become a web model on Stripchat

The platform charges a 50% commission on model earnings, effectively doubling the token cost for viewers compared to models.

Earnings are automatically transferred to the associated payment account every Tuesday, with a $50 minimum payout. Payment options include Payoneer, Paxum, ePayments, CosmoPayment, as well as bank checks and transfers.

Average prices:

  • Private chats – from 20 to 100 tokens per minute (from $1 to $5).
  • Peeping – from 4 to 44 tokens per minute (from $0.2 to $2.2).
  • cam2cam – from 8 to 150 tokens per minute (from $0.4 to $7.5).

More than 150,000 webcam models have already registered on the Stripchat. Try it too. We’re always here to help – post your questions in the comments, ask online chat or by mail.

Webcam show modeling on Stripchat

Why web models choose Stripchat?

  • Audience Size: Over 200 million monthly visitors
  • Broadcast Options: Supports mobile, VR, and OBS for enhanced streaming
  • Technical Support: 24/7 assistance, with DMCA copyright law protection
  • Promotional Period: Two-week spotlight for new models on the homepage
  • Motivational Contests: $24,000 awarded monthly to top webcam models
  • Affiliate Program: 20% earnings from referred user spending, plus $3 to $5 for each new sign-up through webmaster links

How do sign up as a web model on Stripchat?

Attention! Only adult users can register. Age is confirmed via passport or driver’s license.

Go to: Click on the “Become a Model” button.

Web model registration on Stripchat

Fill in the data in the feedback form that appears (Username and Email):

Be careful: it is better to register a separate mailbox for webcam on an international mail provider. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook will do. Important selection criteria – free and convenient use, availability of a mobile application.
After filling out the form, you will receive an email with a link to enter your profile, follow it.

Create a model account on Stripchat

A personal profile with information about the model will open. Fill in all fields.

Profile settings on Stripchat

At the bottom of the form, the system will ask you to upload a profile and cover photo. Choose something not too erotic.

Uploading documents for a web model on Stripchat

Next, spell out the prices for the services: private, peeks, Cam2Cam, group and ticket show.

Setting prices for show types

Now you need to prove your identity with your passport or driver’s license. Everything must be in English, so a foreign passport is best. If you don’t have one, your domestic passport will also work, but it will take longer for the moderators to check.

Identification on Stripchat

Take a live photo of the document via webcam or phone. If it is a passport – you need the spread, if it is a driver’s license – both sides.

Start verification on Stripchat

The next step is to agree with the rules of using the service. Check the box.

Registration is complete! The information will be sent for moderation, the process will take up to three days. To avoid wasting time, you can explore your personal account meanwhile.

The interface of the Stripchat personal account is translated into many languages, you shouldn’t have any problems with the work. Before you start streaming, fill in the schedule of broadcasts in your profile – this way, viewers will plan the time of entering the platform.


The tip-menu, a comprehensive list of actions with associated rates that a model is willing to perform live, is a feature across webcam platforms, executed either via bots or as a pinned chat message.

On Stripchat, this menu is streamlined within the settings, allowing models to easily adjust actions and pricing. Enhancing its appeal, models can include emoticons for a more vibrant presentation.

Beyond the tip-menu, models set goals like acquiring a bouquet of flowers or a new iPhone, incentivizing audience tipping. Integrating a countdown with these goals adds an element of excitement, further engaging viewers.

Web model Tip-menu on Stripchat

Sex toys

Stripchat integrates seamlessly with leading vibro toy manufacturers Lovense and Kiiroo, enabling toys to react to token contributions with vibrations. This feature actively boosts viewer engagement by allowing direct impact on the model’s experience.

Research by Lovense has demonstrated that incorporating vibrators into performances can elevate a model’s average earnings by up to 30%, highlighting the financial and interactive benefits of using such devices in streams.

Sex Toys

Lovense Lush 3
Lovense Lush 3

$119.00 / $229.00
Buy Now
1. Powerful G-spot Stimulation: Experience robust vibrations directly targeting the G-spot, ensuring full vaginal sensation.
2. Whisper-Quiet Operation: With a minimal noise level of 43 dB, enjoy discreet pleasure anytime, anywhere.
3. Infinite Vibration Varieties: Unlock a vast range of vibration modes and patterns using the Lovense Remote app.
4. Broad Device Support: Compatible with iOS (version 11+), Android (5.0+), Mac (Bluetooth 4.0), and Windows (USB Bluetooth Adapter required).
5. Versatile Control Options: Features include proximity control, remote access, a spectrum of vibration patterns, rhythms synced to music, sound-triggered vibrations, and customizable intensity levels.

Lovense Domi 2
Lovense Domi 2

$99.00 / $199.00
Buy Now
1. Product Dimensions: Specifies the length and width.
2. Product Weight: Measures in grams or ounces.
3. Battery Specifications: Identifies the battery type, such as Li-ion.
4. Operational Life: Battery duration on a full charge.
5. Recharge Duration: Full recharge time.
6. Build Material: Describes construction materials, like body-safe silicone.
7. Wireless Connectivity: Details on Bluetooth specifications and connection distance.
8. Resistance to Water: Water resistance rating, for instance, IPX6.
9. Vibration Options: Total vibration settings available.
10. Software Compatibility: Compatibility with various operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.
11. Sound Emission: Operational sound level in decibels.
12. Control Varieties: Available control methods, including manual and app-enabled.

Lovense Sex Machine
Lovense Sex Machine

$699.00 / $1399.00
Buy Now
1. High-Efficiency Motor: Capable of achieving up to 300 thrusts per minute, featuring adjustable speed for tailored intensity.
2. Flexibility in Use: Provides various positioning adjustments to enhance user satisfaction and comfort.
3. Silent Yet Robust: Engineered for noiseless performance, straightforward setup, and firm stability.
4. Advanced App Features: Supports proximity and remote access, along with the ability to sync to music and respond to sound, all through the Lovense Remote application.
5. Safe Material Composition: Made from substances deemed safe for contact with human skin.
6. Guaranteed Reliability: Included is a comprehensive one-year warranty, ensuring customer confidence and product reliability.
7. Broad Device Support: Fully compatible across a range of operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, tailored to meet specific platform requirements.

Lovense Hush 2
Lovense Hush 2

$78.00 / $179.00
Buy Now
1. Dimension Options: Offers a range of sizes and measurements, including diameter and length, for tailored fit.
2. Product Mass: Details the weight of the item in either grams or ounces.
3. Construction Material: Highlights the use of body-friendly silicone or similar materials in its manufacture.
4. Power Source: Specifies if the item is powered by rechargeable batteries and their type.
5. Operational Duration: The length of time the product functions on a single charge.
6. Recharge Period: The timeframe required for a complete recharge.
7. Wireless Features: Information on Bluetooth capabilities and compatibility with various apps.
8. Resistance to Water: Describes the waterproof rating and durability against water ingress.
9. Management Methods: Various ways the item can be manipulated, including app-based controls.
10. Vibration Options: The total count of distinct vibration modes available for selection.
11. Sound Output: The decibel level of the product when in use, indicating noise generation.

Lovense Ridge
Lovense Ridge

$108.00 / $239.00
Buy Now
1. Product Measurements: Outlines the product's specific length and diameter.
2. Product Mass: Details on the weight of the item.
3. Construction Composition: Identifies the safe materials, like body-safe silicone, used in the product's design.
4. Energy Source: Describes the rechargeability and type of battery utilized.
5. Usage Duration: How long the device remains operational with a full battery.
6. Refill Interval: Time needed to achieve a complete recharge.
7. Resistance Features: Specifies the product's ability to resist water ingress.
8. Wireless Connectivity: Provides details on Bluetooth connectivity and app integration for control.
9. Vibration Options: Enumerates the available vibration settings and patterns.
10. Motion Features: Lists available rotation patterns, where relevant.
11. Acoustic Output: Indicates the noise generated during operation, measured in decibels.


Interactive element in chats – the streamer triggers a vote on further actions. For example, what clothes to take off next.

Knights and kings

Knights are room moderators appointed by the mods. Their main task is to block aggressive users. Kings – viewers who have left the most tips in the room. A king user gets a crown icon next to his nickname for 12 hours.

On their profiles, models share albums accessible to all, as well as private collections that members can unlock for a set fee. Once purchased, these exclusive photos and videos are added to the buyer’s “My Collection” area, where they’re available for unlimited viewing without the option for download.

Typically, these private collections feature an array of content, including private show recordings, behind-the-scenes videos from photo sessions, and standout screenshots from live broadcasts.

Web model Paid albums on Stripchat

VR show

VR – Virtual Reality. These are technologies that allow you to immerse yourself in webcam chat. To view this format of broadcasts, you need a special helmet: equipment from Viva, Oculus Devices or Samsung (Gear VR) will do. Streams themselves are in 4K resolution.

In the process, viewers talk to the models: they get such a realistic impression of what is going on that they feel the hostesses’ touches in reality.

VR show

Recording privates

Members initiating a private chat with a model have the option to record the session, which is then automatically stored in their personal collection post-conversation.

Models retain the ability to archive videos from previous private sessions onto their profiles. Important to manage, models must define access permissions and pricing in their settings, determining whether all users or only registered ones can view these videos. Strategically, some private sessions might be offered at no cost to draw in new audiences.

DMCA protection

In the digital realm, copyright stipulates that content distribution requires the author’s permission. Unauthorized sharing is considered illegal.

Scammers recording and sharing broadcasts without consent face legal actions. Stripchat actively seeks out and demands the removal of such content from external platforms, aligning with DMCA guidelines detailed in their policy.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that even with protective measures, complete removal of unauthorized content from the internet isn’t always guaranteed.

Streaming tips

Webcam sells content first and foremost. Impressions, images, atmosphere – improve the customer experience of your broadcasts, meet expectations and listen to the viewers’ opinion.

1. Increase your StripScore

StripScore is an analog of CamScore. It is an indicator that affects the model’s ranking in the overall top of the broadcasts. What affects StripScore?

  • The broadcast quality is the minimum acceptable 720 x 1280. The resolution in any case must be in HD.
  • Average earnings per hour – the platform earns on commissions, so it is more profitable for it to promote successful models.
  • Erotic toys are an indirect factor. Their presence does not affect SS, but they increase average earnings, and here the second factor comes into play.
  • Type-menu of at least 4 items – a list of actions with rates.
  • Public photos in profile – from 5 pieces.
  • Public videos – at least 1.
  • Panel design of profile – clickable beautiful strips visually attractive than solid text.
  • Privates rating – viewers rate their one-on-one communication with the model, the total score is displayed in the profile.

2. Work on your content

Experimenting with various appearances, lighting setups, and makeup styles is crucial to captivate and retain audience interest. Should you seek inspiration, consider exploring other models’ broadcasts or researching current internet trends. For instance, with the upcoming release of a new “The Little Mermaid” movie, adopting a theme-based look could be a hit.

In pursuit of creativity, also prioritize technical upgrades. Investing in a versatile ring light, a higher-resolution webcam, or professional light boxes can significantly enhance your broadcast quality. Remember, the visual appeal of your stream is a vital investment for boosting your earnings.


Concluding, Stripchat offers an enticing platform for web models with its easy registration, diverse settings, and unique features like tip menus, interactive toys, and VR shows. The site’s commitment to model protection through DMCA and lucrative streaming opportunities underscore why many choose Stripchat. By leveraging these features and following proven streaming strategies, models can significantly boost their visibility and earnings, making Stripchat a top choice for both new and experienced performers in the webcam industry.

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